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 "Gain insights into the roots of difficult behavior and learn how to maintain your professionalism while dealing with difficult situations assertively and rationally "

Professional and Organizational Development


 We analyze the language and culture of your organization, and design a customized training approach that is consistent with your business objectives. With our Human and Organizational Development workshops your employees will gain the targeted skills they need to succeed. Our workshops consist of various adult learning style approaches to ensure every learner’s needs are met. Your team will be stimulated by a combination of mini-learning lessons reinforced by experiential activities, tangible examples, role plays, and small group exercises.

Communication Workshop:

 The participant will look at the communication model to better understand both the sender's and receiver's responsibilities in the communication flow.


Excellence in Customer Service:

 A skill building and motivating workshop teaching principles of customer service, communication skills, dealing with emotions, problem solving, maintaining motivation and emotional control.

Managing Diversity in the Workplace:

 This workshop will help your staff communicate and interact effectively with co-workers whose background, culture or personality may be different than their own.

Professional Ethics:

 This workshop goes beyond just talking about ethics in the workplace. It utilizes thought-provoking activities and case studies to stimulate new thinking and new ways for making sound ethical decisions.

Conflict Resolution:

 In this workshop participants learn how to recognize conflict, evaluate its presence, and work within its framework to bring about consensus, resolution, and win/win solutions. 


Workplace Harassment:

 This workshop provides a review of harassment policies, methods for detecting and identifying threats of harassment or situations most likely to lead to harassment, and practical steps for addressing actual workplace harassment situations. 

Management Legal Awareness:

 This seminar is an overview of the legal pitfalls that new managers need to avoid and understand the legal and ethical implications as a first time manager.

Employee Selection:

 This seminar covers the process of selecting the best candidates, and includes ways to conduct effective job interviews, asking questions that elicit relevant information and avoiding questions that might be seen as discriminatory.

Organizational Team Building


 We work with managements of organizations to improve the performance of their staff and to address poor motivation symptoms. We inspire your people to work together effectively and efficiently through corporate team building exercises and activities. Unique, interactive programs designed to foster teamwork, creative problem solving, communication and fun. We help groups become strategically aligned around a common direction, approach and purpose. The ultimate result of our process is to help you create a culture that drives your organization to higher performance.

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